Within 10 days fund account with the amount equal or exceeding profit amount. Example: if you earn $100, fund account with $100.

Complete 1 lot per each $5 of saved profit within 30 days. Example: to withdraw $100 close 20 lots.

Contact company manager to make profit available for withdrawing. Upon that you can withdraw funds from the account.

  1. Promotion period - August 28nd through November 15th, 2019.
  2. The promotion is available to new clients registered within promotion period.
  3. Requirements for joining the promotion: Register with SFXT using this link:
  4. Open trading account in USD currency.
  5. Upon completing you will automatically get a new promotion account with 1 BTC (us dollar equivalent, but not more than $9999), this amount is showed in Credit field and is not withdrawable.
  6. All the trading conditions of promotion account (order execution type, leverage, spreads, swaps, etc) correspond to your account type with no restrictions.
  7. The maximum period of funds use is 10 calendar days. During this period the Client is allowed to fix the gained profit by funding promotion account with an amount equal or exceeding the amount of the profit gained with the help of company's funds.
  8. After promotion account is funded the profit is fixed in the following order:
    1. all open trading positions will be closed (if any);
    2. all pending orders will be canceled (if any);
    3. the company's funds will be deducted from the Credit line of the account;
    4. the profit fixed throughout the promotion in the amount not exceeding the amount of deposit or not exceeding $10000 is transferred to the Credit field.
  9. The profit fixed throughout the promotion is fully available for trading volume increasing and for supporting the account in case of draw-down.
  10. After promotion account funding, funds in Credit field are available for withdrawal provided that within 30 calendar days there is 1 lot closed per each $5 of Credit funds. Partial transfer of the Credit funds into balance is not implemented. To transfer funds into Balance the Client needs to contact the company's manager via feedback form in the Client Area.
  11. The profit fixed throughout the promotion in Credit field is deducted from the account:
    1. in case of any withdrawals from the account including internal transfer;
    2. if balance of an account is negative and there are no open positions;
    3. if the promotion is disabled for the Client;
    4. in 30 days after the funds were credited to Credit field.
  12. If promotion account is not funded within 10 calendar days, it is impossible to fix the profit, and the following happens:
    1. all open trading positions will be closed (if any);
    2. all pending orders will be canceled (if any);
    3. the company funds will be deducted from the Credit field of the account;
    4. the profit/loss fixed throughout the promotion will be canceled.
  13. For the first withdrawal of funds from the account participating in the promotion, it is necessary to verify personal data in the Client Area.
  14. On the expiry of 15 calendar days of company funds deduction the account not funded by the Client will be transferred to archive beyond recovery.
  15. Clients participating in this promotion are not eligible to use other promotions and bonuses of the company on the promotion accounts until the end of the current promotion.
  16. Company charges partner’s payment for the clients referred by partners and participating in this promotion only for the transactions made after account funding.